Image by Peter Gargiulo
Image by Peter Gargiulo

Baked pastry filled with ham & cheese, beef, chicken,   4 Cheese or chicken


Spinach and boilded egg tart

Another uruguayan classic!

Cuban Panini

Roasted porkSwiss cheesepicklesmustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread


Chewy, full chocolate & delicius! An american classic

Tarta de jamon y queso

Ham & cheese tart

Panini Capresse

Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil 


Sliced hot bread with jam and cheese

Pastelitos Cubanos

Guava, guava and cheese or ground beef cuban pastries

Ham&Cheese multigrain

Multigrain Croissant filled with sliced ham and mozarella cheese

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