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"This is one of those places you can not forget about. Why? Because everything looks so good here. The pastries look and taste fantastic, and the service is wonderful.

Heart warming service without any attitudes ."


Coming from an Armenian - Uruguayan background, rich in diverse culture, we were on the hunt for a creative outlet, for the purpose of spreading such heritage.


Due to the customs that were instilled in us at a young age, we acknowledged the importance of a comfortable and accepting atmosphere, so we decided to create one where people would meet as strangers, but leave feeling like family.

Although Las Chicas Bakery is a place to enjoy exquisitely made cuisine, it is ultimately a location to gather with people, to connect, and to develop relationships. Our main importance is to make you feel homely and welcomed. 

Due to Uruguay's influence from Spain, Italy, and France, it is highly likely that a Spanish 

Pasteleria, French Pâtisserie, or Italian pasticceria will have baking styles, and tastes similar to Uruguay's. Ranging from bizcochos to tortas de chaja, Las Chicas Bakery has it all. Because we value homemade baking, our artisanal products make us unique. Our specialty cakes are all made from scratch, and are perfected to the most minutiae details.

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