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we are ready to create your dream cake

Be it a birthday, an anniversary or office celebration, why not celebrate the occasion with the best cakes in Town?


Each and every one of our cakes is freshly baked to order using only the finest ingredients. Choose from an amazing cake selection and more...

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Our signature cakes

There's a reason why this cake is a Las Chicas classic! Moist yellow sponge cake filled with layers of homemade chantilly cream, diced peaches, and creamy dulce de leche.


Delicious base is topped with our famous

home-made meringue iced with fresh whipped cream rolled in even more crumbled meringue!

Delicious vanilla sponge cake soaked in a creamy blend of a 3 types of milk: condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream and a touch of vanilla

Moist vanilla sponge cake soaked in a creamy blend of 3 types of milk; condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream, with a touch of vanilla.


And to make matters even more delicious, we've added a layer of decadent dulce de leche and topped the whipped cream icing with dulce de leche. Yes. It's that good.

Moist chocolate cake layered with homemade chantilly cream and dulce de leche. Topped with decadent cholate ganache.

 Moist vanilla cake with leyers of chantilly cream and fresh strawberries.

Creamy dulce de leche rolled in soft vanilla cake topped with rich chocolate ganache.